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Thank you for visiting I am grateful that you stopped to check us out!  Almost every successful salesperson I know can point to a few people who were instrumental to their success. They can name the mentors who encouraged them, showed them the error of their ways and helped them over the humps. I owe much of my success to my mentors in this business.


I began my sales career shortly after graduating from Western Michigan University with a Marketing Degree in 2000.  Two weeks out of school I packed my bags in Michigan and with a couple hundred bucks drove across the country to Newport Beach California to conquer the world!  At the time it seemed like a huge risk for a young kid right out of college.  Everybody was telling me to stay home and get a job. After all I had no money, tons of student loans and only had one contact in California, my good friends Aaron's uncle Gary.  Gary allowed me to sleep on his floor for a couple weeks and he gave me a temporary job at his computer components company helping around the office.  He took me under his wing and was my first true mentor in business. I will never forget what he gave to me, he gave me a glimpse of what it would be like to be an entrepreneur.  He let me shadow on sales calls, ask him tons of questions, listen in on important business meetings and even discussed the intimate details of his business with me.  I was HOOKED and knew that entrepreneurship was the life for me!  


Fast forward 13 blessed years of business startups in the mortgage and insurance telesales business and in 2015 I sold my first multi-million dollar final expense telesales call center to start VRG Insurance Marketing.  I am married to my beautiful and supportive wife Lorena and the proud papa of two amazing entrepreneurs in the making Giovanni and Rocco.


Why I do this


A great mentor affects the professional and personal life of a protege by fostering insight, identifying needed knowledge and expanding growth opportunities. This is my passion and purpose in life.  I have been blessed in life and business by some of the greatest to do it.  I feel it is my duty to share the wealth of knowledge I have gained from my mentors and experiences with those who are looking for mentorship in the final expense telesales business.  I work hand and hand to mentor final expense telesales insurance agents.  The best feeling in the world is to see a person grow and develop in ways that they did not think were possible for them.


All the best!

Vince Spampinato - President
VRG Insurance Marketing LLC

Vince Spampinato

President / Agent Mentor

VRG Insurance Marketing LLC