Meet Your Maximum Earning Potential Selling Final Expense Insurance By Phone

Our number one priority is to help our agent and call center partners succeed.  We know that in order for our partners to succeed at selling final expense insurance over the phone the process has to be simple to understand and the leads need to be top notch.


At VRG Insurance Marketing we have taken all the guesswork out of the equation in final expense telesales.  We have already paved the way and removed all the heavy lifting of marketing, lead generation, technology, contracting, sales processes, policy conservation, and much more.

Marketing & Leads

Our marketing and lead department is the backbone of the company.  Since we help all of our clients 100% over the phone it is essential that we place our partners on the phone with a steady stream of qualified buyers all day long.


There is no money in cold calling!  To eliminate cold calling and any inconsistency in lead quality VRG Insurance Marketing controls every aspect of the lead generation process. The result is the highest quality live transfer lead in the industry.


We generate thousands of final expense live transfer leads a week. To manage all of these leads we have developed a state of the art CRM software.  This technology allows agents and call center managers to access, track, and manage each lead all the way through the sales cycle and beyond.  

Training & Support

The training and support department play a crucial role in the success of the company.  We know that the only way to succeed at the highest level is to invest heavily in the development of our agents and call center partners.  


We have developed the most comprehensive training program in the business.  It encompasses everything from the most important foundational skills to advanced trainings like mastering tonal patterns for maximum prospect engagement.


You will never be alone; our sales support system and technology allows agents and managers to have the confidence they need to be successful.  

New Business & Policy Services

Contracting & Licensing

The new business and policy service department main objective is to support the agent after the sale.  New Business monitors and keeps track of the progress of each application ensuring that it gets issued and paid quickly and Policy Services is always there to help service clients after a policy has been issued. 



The contracting and licensing department at VRG Insurance Marketing provides our agency managers a simple way to get all their agents appointed with the proper insurance carriers.  In addition to doing carrier appointments this department handles licensing and compliance related matters as well.