A Miracle of Success

Throughout my career, I’ve spent a lot of time hoping for a miracle or some amazing achievement to boost my success. I’ve waited for my big break, and yet still did not see the results I had been hoping for.

My failures were a humbling experience that forced me to self-reflect on my life to understand why I am not experiencing the same luck that others have had. I had a lot of hope that good things could happen to me and was taught to never lose that “hope” and I didn’t. I went to work and hoped the leads would be good. I hoped the economy would get better, so I could make more sales. All this hoping I was doing, but no results…All this dreaming, but no success…I was a victim of my hope.

If you want to witness a true miracle of success in your life, hope is not the strategy and luck is NOT a factor. You MUST, focus on what YOU can control and those are your thoughts, your actions, your words, and most importantly your faith! We all have "muscles" of faith, and it’s time to start exercising those muscles to be so strong that they will destroy any seed of doubt you have in your body. When driven to get results, hoping for something creates excuses and justifies our shortcomings.

If you want to exercise your "muscles" of faith, you must train your mind to be confident, convicted, and most importantly certain in all things that you do. You cannot be afraid to face a problem as every problem that we face is an opportunity in our life. Problems teach us, train us, and challenge our character. A person with relentless faith doesn’t hope they don’t have problems; they embrace them and know they will become better for facing them!

If you demonstrate the confidence, conviction, and certainty in your abilities you will conquer your life and accomplish your dream. You must take control of yourself because if you believe you can, then you can. Your attitude is a choice, and your attitude determines your actions.

Thomas Edison said that many of life’s failures are from people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.

Folks, Thomas Edison is referring to people whose "muscles" of faith became so weak that the seed of doubt outweighed their inner strength. Your strength will be challenged in hard times, but don’t give up, because once you’re in a mindset of quitting, you give in with little fight. But, if your faith remains strong, and you make the choice to have an "I can do all things" mindset, NOTHING will stop you. Adversities may slow you down, but you will always persevere.

It’s time to flex your faith "muscles"! As you flex your "muscles" of faith, tell yourself, "I hope for nothing, because I can do anything! I create my own luck through my hard work, my attitude, and my discipline. My problems are challenges that I will gladly accept by being bigger and better than they are! I can do anything that I put my mind too, and the only thing that can stop me is myself!"

Miracles are not created through hope but through faith. Make a choice to let your faith be greater than your fear. Let your will to succeed be greater than your fear of failure. Don’t be a victim of hope but a prodigy of faith and experience the miracle it can do in your life.

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