Excuses are Tools of the Incompetent

Excuses are everywhere. I know as much as anyone that becoming successful in Final Expense Telesales is hard work. If it were easy-peasy everybody who did it would be crushing it! It takes hard work, dedication, and commitment you can ask any top producer on this final expense telesales platform and they will all say the same thing. You aren’t going to create success without putting a 100% effort in all the time. There is no short cut; it takes a lot of muscle and dedication.

Excuse makers don’t commit. They think about reasons why they did or didn’t do something. They look for people to blame for their shortcomings. Typically, excuse makers fall into one of several categories. Stop yourself before saying any of these:

1. I’m too old or I don’t have enough experience.

Nobody ever asked me how old I was when I started this company or any of the other businesses I have owned or worked with. Why are you thinking about age? Does it matter if you are 20 or 80? You are thinking about limitations. Stop comparing and making excuses.

2. Money won’t make me happy.

This is the go-to excuse for people who have given up on their dreams of creating wealth. If you say this you are basically saying, “I’m broke, and I’m trying to make sense of it.” It’s like the child who can’t get the piece of candy he wants then says I did not want it anyway. Look, if you can’t get what you want right now don’t start making excuses. Instead put your big boy or girl pants on and work for it. DON’T GIVE UP or MAKE EXCUSES. Money gives you a lot of freedom, it can solve a lot of problems, and it gives you the ability to help others.

3. I’ll be happy when.

This excuse always puts the blame of not being happy RIGHT NOW with the idea that something or someone else is the magical missing ingredient.

The statement I’ll be happy when… is just an excuse for not being happy now!

Look, if you are not happy now it’s because of YOU, not your circumstances. This is the excuse used by the person who doesn’t take responsibility for his or her own happiness. They are waiting for something to happen to them rather than doing something to create happiness. You need to decide to be happy. Bad things happen, disappointments come, and rejection is everywhere. I’ll be happy when, is said by people who don’t realize they are the problem and the solution.

4. I'm am tired.

If you’re tired do something about it. Take care of your physical and mental health. Get some exercise, get proper sleep, eat a good diet, read books and develop your mind and heart. There is no excuse for being out of shape and not developing your mind.

5. I don't have any time.

This is the excuse used by people who are not organized. We have plenty of time you just have to use it wisely. There are 24 hours in a day stop wasting your time it's the most valuable asset you have and you can never get it back.

Learn to commit first, and figure things out later.

Most people simply never bother to fully commit, instead they spend their time trying to wrap their heads around things that may never happen for them and make excuses for why they shouldn’t act. Making excuses won’t change your situation.

“No excuse exists that can or will make you successful.”

Much of what I am saying here is right from one of my great sales mentors Grant Cardone and he is famous for saying that:

“Success is your duty, obligation and your responsibility.”

Excuses are tools of the incompetent and those who use them build bridges to nowhere.

Get after it today and take massive action towards your success!

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